Stoney Creek is a major supplier of pond and lake aeration systems.  Over 20,000 aeration systems have been sold ranging from small backyard systems to large lake systems.  Whatever your need, we have the products and decades of experience to help you achieve your goals.


For years aeration was thought of as something you only needed if you had high fish loads in a pond.  Through years of working closely with pond owners it has been proven that aeration does far more than just keep fish alive.  In fact, we consider aeration to be the single most important step in maintaining a healthy pond.  Without oxygen nothing will decompose.  Al the fish waste, dead algae/plant material, leaves, etc. that fall to the pond bottom will only continue to build up unless there is good oxygen levels to help it decompose.  Shallow ponds, where the sunlight reaches the bottom and wind action helps stir the water, can have adequate oxygen to the bottom.  Deeper ponds will seldom have good oxygen all the way to the bottom.  A bottom mounted air diffuser can make a huge difference in a ponds' health by bringing oxygen and circulation where it's needed the most, along the ponds bottom.

There are two common ways of aerating ponds and lakes.  One is with a surface fountain, the other is with a diffused aeration system.  The following is a brief look at each:

Diffused air initiated at the pond bottom is the best method to choose so your pond can attain all achievable benefits.  Stoney Creek's professional staff can assist you with choosing the correct system to provide these benefits for your pond:

Diffused air systems employ a shore mounted air compressor which pushes air through tubing out to a special air diffuser located on the pond bottom. Since the diffuser is at the bottom, oxygen is introduced where it is needed the most, regardless of depth. These systems are also easier to maintain since the compressor is on shore. Diffused air systems can be built in many different ways. One big advantage is the compressor can be located up to 2000" away from the edge of the pond. It is much more cost effective to trench in the air tubing than it is to install electrical service to the pond edge, making these systems the best choice for ponds without electric nearby.

There are several advantages to using diffused aeration kits instead of surface aerators:

  • Electrical components are on shore, not in the pond

  • Aeration originating on the bottom ensures aeration of the entire water column, not just the surface layer 

  • With proper sizing, distances of up to 2,000 feet of air tubing (not electric cable) are achievable, without the need for electricity nearby

All motors are designed for continuous duty operation and are oil-less for low maintenance. Periodic cleaning of air filter and replacement of diaphragm and gasket every few years is all that is necessary.  We can build much larger systems or alter these kits to fit you specific needs. Please call for assistance. Kits include everything needed for installation and operation except for tubing weights. Tubing is buoyant and requires a five pound weight every 6'-8' to sink or use optional self-weighted tubing.

Surface fountains are a popular choice when decorative looks are desired. Golf courses, parks, office buildings and housing developments are all common places you see fountains used. Many different spray patterns are available, creating esthetically pleasing looks while creating circulation and aeration. Since the fountains float on the surface, the circulation does not reach all the way to the bottom in deep applications, which reduces their effectiveness.


Fountains vs. Diffused Aeration - Which is Better?

Diffused Aeration Kit

Fountains are a popular choice when decorative looks are desired. Fountains splash the surface of the pond and help control surface algae and duckweed, but do not aerate down to the bottom of deep ponds.

Diffused aeration is the best way to aerate deep ponds. Because the air diffuser lays on the bottom you achieve total pond aeration from top to bottom regardless of depth.

Fountain Aerator


It is crucial to the life of any of our air compressors that they be protected from the weather as well as dust and dirt. These factors will significantly reduce the operating life of the compressor. We offer several covers for outdoor use, or compressors can be housed in barns, garages or other structures.

  • The deeper an air diffuser is located, the more boiling action it will create and a larger area will be aerated. 

  • Because ponds come in all sizes and shapes, one of our standard kits shown here may not work for your application. Please call with your needs and we can design a system tailored to your pond.

The amount of surface area an aeration system will effectively cover is greatly dependent on two factors - DEPTH & SHAPE.

The diagram below shows how much surface area is effectively aerated at various depths:


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