DC22, DC12, RP741 & RPC71 Repair Kits
If your air compressor runs but does not pump air after a couple years of service, chances are the diaphragm has cracked.  Kits include the diaphragm, head gasket and parts needed to rebuild compressor.

Part # Description Ship Weight Price
RK22 DC22 (1/20 hp) Repair Kit 2 lbs $66.99
DC12RK DC12 (1/8 hp) Repair Kit 2 lbs $61.79
RP74RK RP741 (Rocking Piston Kit) 2 lbs $61.39
RPC71RK RPC71 (1/3 HP) Rocking Piston Kit 2 lbs $145.69




Vane Kits for RV33 - 100 Compressors
Rotary vane compressors each have four self-wearing carbon vanes, when the vanes become worn to a certain point they no longer catch air and you will notice a large reduction in air flow.  These repair kits include four new vanes, a new gasket and two new black, internal air filters.

Part # Description Ship Weight Price
RV33V RV33 Repair Kit 2 lbs $98.99
RV75V RV75 Repair Kit 2 lbs $123.19
RV100V RV100 Repair Kit 2 lbs $205.99






A clean air filter is vital for proper performance with any air compressor. These air filters are used on all of our rotary van units.  Many customers find it handy to have a replacement filter element on hand for quick exchanges when inspecting their compressor.  The dirty element can be cleaned in soapy water, air dried, and then reinstalled on the next inspection.  Air filters can also be used on a wide variety of other compressors.

Part # Description Ship Wt Price
GAF2  Complete Filter - 1/4" mpt (rocking piston) 1 lb $39.89
GAFE Replacement Element 1 lb $5.19
AC432 3/8" fpt Complete Filter 1 lb $33.19
AC393 Replacement Filter Element 1 lb $12.99





All rotary van compressors have two internal air filters.  The air filter elements are included in the repair kits on this page, but can also be purchased separately.  The black thread-in plugs that hold the filters do not come in the repair kit.  All sizes of rotary van compressors use the same plugs and filters. 

Part # Description Price
RVBF Internal Filter $5.99
RVBP Black Plug $8.09



Repair kits include everything needed to rebuild Stratus ERP compressor cylinders.

Part # Description Ship Weight Price
ERP25K 1/4 HP Rebuild Kit 1 lb $53.79
ERP50K 1/2 HP Rebuild Kit 1 lb $107.59
ERP75K 3/4 HP Rebuild Kit 1 lb $124.39





Replacement air filter for Stratus ERP compressors.  3/8" mpt connection - use brass adapter when connecting to 1/4" threaded outlets on compressors.

Part # Description Ship Weight Price
ERPA Air Filter 1 lb $8.59
ERPAH Brass Adapter ⅜" x " 1 lb $5.39
ERPF1 Filter - 1/4 & 1/2 hp for ERP25/50   $22.49
ERPF2 Filter - 3/4 hp for ERP75   $22.49
ERPF12E Filter element for F1 / F2   $9.49






High quality, liquid filled gauges.

Part # Range MPT Connection Ship Weight Price
G30L 0 - 30 psi " 1 lb $19.49
G50L 0 - 50 psi " 1 lb $20.89




Available in:
10 PSI - Rotary Vane Compressors
25 PSI - SRC Rocking Piston Compressors
40 PSI -ERP Rocking Piston Compressor

Part # PSI Ship Weight Price
PR10 10 1 lb $15.19
PR25 25 1 lb $15.19
PR40 40 1 lb $15.19





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