Safe For Use In Ponds, Waterfalls & Fountains

GreenClean Granular Algaecide is a great product for controlling algae in water features!This EPA registered product provides extremely fast results in treating string algae.  GreenClean can be used to bring algae problems under control as well as a preventative for future problems.  GreenClean works through oxidation which provides immediate control of algae.  Dead matter floats to surface where it is removed by skimmer or net.  Ideal for use with bacteria.  Once GreenClean kills algae, bacteria's go to work cleaning up organic material.  GreenClean does not harm bacteria.

GreenClean Tablets - Also available in a tablet for easy application!  Same formulation as GreenClean granular algaecide.  Eliminates measuring - simply throw in one tablet per 175 gallons of pond water.  Sold in 7.75 pound containers which is approximately 96 tablets.

Features & Benefits:

  • Can be used in contained water such as water gardens, ornamental ponds or waterfalls, fountains and bird baths
  • Immediate algae control
  • Kills algae on contact - visible results within minutes!
  • EPA Registered
  • Completely biodegradable - no residue left like copper based products
  • For use in water features containing live fish and plants
  • Two pound container will treat 800 gallon pond for four to five months!

Also available in 20 & 50 lb. pails - click here!

Part # Description Ship Weight Price
GC2 2 lb GreenClean 3 lbs $22.69
GC8 8 lb GreenClean 9 lbs $49.09






EPA registered algae control for water gardens! Control algae without harming fish or plants!
  • Controls "green water algae", string algae and blanket weed
  • Keeps ornamental ponds and water gardens clean and clear
  • Kills existing algae and controls future algae blooms
  • Easy to use - simply pour recommended amount into your pond!

Other algae cures are nonselective and kill algae and other pond plants. Algaefix is a unique product that effectively controls algae without harm to other plants or fish.

Part #


Ship Weight


AF8 8 oz - Treats 2,400 gallons 1 lb $10.09
AF16 16 oz - Treats 4,800 gallons 2 lbs $14.99
AF32 32 oz - Treats 9,600 gallons 3 lbs $25.19
AF64 64 oz - Treats 19,000 gallons 5 lbs $44.99
AF128 128 oz - Treats 38,000 gallons 8 lbs $76.99
AF320 320 oz - Treats 95,000 gallons 22 lbs $137.19








Controls String Algae!!

  • Our #1 recommended product for eliminating string algae in water features

  • EPA registered

  • Safe for use with fish and aquatic plants

  • One ounce treats 350 gallons of pond water

Part # Size Volume Treated Ship Weight Price
ALG16 16 oz 5,678 gallons 2 lbs $11.89
ALG32 32 oz 11,356 gallons 3 lbs $17.99
ALG128 128 oz 45,424 gallons 9 lbs $67.39
ALG320 320 oz 112,000 gallons 23 lbs $123.89






Concentrated Algae Control!

  • EPA registered algae control for ponds, formal fountains, Just-A-Falls and other bodies of water not containing fish or plants

  • Not for use in waters containing fish or aquatic plants

  • One ounce treats up to 1000 gallons of water

  • Safe for irrigation, turf and shrubs

Part # Size Volume Treated Ship Weight Price
ALG60Q 32 oz 32,000 gallons 3 lbs $48.19
ALG60G 128 oz 128,000 gallons 10 lbs $161.69

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