Success in controlling water quality in a pond is subject to several variables.  One of the main variables is the amount of nutrients present in the pond. Most pond owners are happy to find that when their pond fills up initially after being dug, the water is clean and inviting.  Ponds that are dug in sand, gravel or "clean" soils will generally stay that way for a period of a year or two since there is not a lot of nutrients present.  Over time leaves, fish waste, runoff and other nutrients find their way into the pond and start to build up along the pond bottom.  These nutrients act as a stimulant, or food source, for excess aquatic weeds, algae and other water quality problems.  The use of beneficial pond bacteria has proven to be one of the best tools (along with aeration) a pond owner can use to maintain water quality.  Beneficial bacteria are like mini vacuum cleaners working along the ponds bottom to consume and digest organic materials such as decayed leaves, grass clippings, dead algae/weeds, fish waste, etc.  Left in the pond, these materials will contribute to future water quality problems.

Most all ponds contain natural bacteria.  The problem is these are usually anaerobic bacteria (meaning they do not need oxygen to survive) and they digest sediment very slowly.  Pond-Vive contains aerobic bacteria which does require oxygen to survive and decomposes sediment at a much faster rate (this is why aeration is so important).

The natural, biological way to revive your pond!

Our special blend of bacteria is designed to:

  • Reduce sludge buildup
  • Improve water clarity
  • Eliminate excess nutrients
  • Eliminate pond odors
  • Reduce oxygen demand
Pond-Vive is a proprietary blend of specialized bacteria, formulated specifically for the task of lake and pond maintenance. Pond-Vive contains specialized bacterial strains as well as other necessary ingredients needed to support these bacterial strains in lake or pond setting. Our unique blend of bacteria accomplishes a number of very specific tasks. Certain bacterial strains specialize in the removing of excess ammonia, nitrates and phosphorus from the water. These excess nutrients, if not removed, can stimulate nuisance aquatic growth. Other strains focus on clarifying the murky water caused from animal and plant wastes, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating the odors stemming from those wastes. Still other strains target the reduction of sludge on the bottom of lakes and ponds. 

We have thousands of satisfied customers who have seen a definite improvement in water quality using Pond-Vive!
"I purchased a pail of Pond-Vive from a local supplier to help clear up my pond before my grandkids came to visit. After using Pond-Vive just three weeks the pond issues were gone and the swimming was great." - Paul K., Hampton, NY

"Pond-Vive is great stuff!" - Jim K., Spring Valley Trout Farm, Dexter, MI

Safe for fish, pets, wildlife and family!
The use of beneficial pond bacteria has proven to be one of the best tools a pond owner can use to maintain a healthy pond.  These beneficial bacteria are like mini vacuum cleaners working along the pond's bottom to consume and digest organic materials such as: decayed leaves, grass clippings, dead algae, weeds, fish waste etc.  Left in the pond, these organic materials act as a stimulant for future water quality problems.

The use of chemicals can provide quick results, but are a band-aid to the problem.  The use of bacteria gets to the root of the problem and provides a long term solution!

Most all ponds contain natural bacteria.  The problem is that these are usually Anaerobic bacteria (meaning they do not need oxygen to survive) and they digest muck very slow.  Pond-Vive bacteria contains Aerobic bacteria (which requires oxygen to survive) and they decompose muck at a much faster rate.  The use of an aeration system in deeper ponds is strongly recommended to ensure adequate levels of oxygen.  The beneficial bacteria in Pond-Vive is completely safe for swimming, fish, pets and wildlife!

Pond-Vive is approved by the Michigan DEQ for use in public waters.  This includes private ponds which discharge water into public streams, water ways, etc.  Using an unapproved bacteria can result in large fines!  A Rule 97 Certificate is required from the DEQ prior to using in public waters in Michigan.  Contact us for assistance if needed.

Pond-Vive can be purchased in two ways:

Eight ounce Water Soluble Packets - Premeasured, simply toss into pond, water soluble bag dissolves in seconds and releases the bacteria

Bulk Pails - 10, 25 and 100 pound bulk pails are the most cost effective way to buy!

Part # Description Ship Weight Price Qty Disc.
PB8X Eight ounce water soluble bags (each) 1 lb $7.39 --
PB10X 20 eight ounce water soluble bags (10 lbs) 11 lbs $129.99 5% off 4
PB25X 50 eight ounce water soluble bags (25 lbs) 29 lbs $309.99 5% off 2
PB25XL 25 lb. bucket loose powder w/ 8 oz. scoop 29 lbs $287.99 5% off 2
PB100XL 100 lb fiber drum bulk bacteria (loose powder) 105 lbs $1,077.29 5% off 2




* Formulated for use in earth bottom ponds. For water garden applications check out our EasyPro bacteria. 




POND-VIVE L           
Liquid Lake & Pond Bacteria

A convenient alternative to Pond-Vive in a liquid.

  • Similar formula to Pond-Vive powder, can be used to treat golf course ponds, farm ponds, municipal areas and similar applications

  • Works to remove ammonia, nitrates, phosphates & sludge

  • Application rate is one gallon per surface acre weekly for four weeks, then every two to four weeks for maintenance

  • Two gallons will treat 1/4 acre pond for 10-16 weeks

Part # Description Ship Wt Price
PB128 Pond-Vive L, one gallon bottle 10 lbs $44.99







 This product is a slightly modified version of the Pond-Vive above.  While the Pond-Vive is designed to target several problem areas of water quality, these sludge remover pellets are specifically designed to reduce sludge.

Each one ounce pellet covers approximately 200 - 250 square feet of shoreline or beach area.  Apply every two weeks.

  Great for spot treating around docks, beaches or partially treating large ponds
  Pellets are heavy and sink down into muck directly where they are applied
  Best used in conjunction with Pond-Vive (above) for a complete water quality program

Part # Description Ship Wt Price Qty Disc.
ABB05X Sludge Remover Pellets, 5 lb. Pail 6 lbs $79.99 5% off 4
ABB10X Sludge Remover Pellets, 10 lb. Pail 11 lbs $129.99 5% off 4
ABB25X Sludge Remover Pellets, 25 lb. Pail 29 lbs $309.99 5% off 2
ABB-50B Sludge Remover Pellets, 50 lb box* 53 lbs $584.99 n/a




* Does not include scoop



Great preventative maintenance product

This all natural powder formulation provides a nonchemical alternative to using aluminum sulphate (ALUM), to bind problem causing phosphate in pond water.  This all natural powder formulation will also buffer pH and provide approximately 70 beneficial trace minerals.  It will also provide minor flocculation (settling) of mud and clay particles, and also aids in reducing ammonia.

  • Non-chemical alternative to reduce phosphate - this is a safe, natural product that allows you to remove phosphate from water bodies

  • Adds beneficial trace minerals to the pond ecosystem

  • Provides a secondary benefit of settling out mud and clay (minor flocculation) and it does a great job polishing the water

Part # Description Ship Wt Price Qty Disc.
NPB15  Phosphate binder, 15 lb pail 17 lbs $87.49 5% off 4
NPB45 Phosphate binder, 45 lb bag 58 lbs $179.49 5% off 2


  • Helps clear murky, turbid water by attracting suspended particles together, settling them to the bottom

  • Works great when used with Pond-Vive, the clarifier settles the problem particles to the bottom where they are consumed by the Pond-Vive.

  • One gallon treats 250,000 gallons of pond water, ponds with high levels of suspended solids can be treated at double dosage or a second application.

  • For best results mix recommended amount with pond water and spray evenly over pond surface.

Part # Description Ship Wt Price Qty Disc.
WC128 Water Clarifier, 1 gallon 10 lbs $73.69 5% off 4


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