Adding a bottom drain is a great way to remove solids and prevent stratification, especially in ponds over 3' deep.  EasyPro bottom drains are easy to install and come complete with everything needed to make a water tight penetration through the liner.  The built in air diffuser model provides the ultimate in self cleaning action.  When the air bubbles rise the dirty water is pulled into the bottom drain.



3" BDA and BD1 Features:

  • Available with (BDA) or without (BD1) air diffuser in lid, using air increases circulation and cleaning capacity.

  • Both have dual rubber gaskets and six stainless screws for water tight penetration through liner.

  • For use with 3" schedule 40 PVC fittings and pipe

  • BDA has 1/2" barbed inlet fitting, recommended air flow through diffuser is .5 - 1.5 cfm.

4" EBD4 and EBD4A Features:

  • 4" bottom drain is now available with or without air diffuser.

  • Welded FPT threaded inlet eliminates the need for rubber coupling.

  • Threaded center stand pipe securely attaches dome lid to base.

  • Sixteen stainless screws securely attach liner ring to base with water tight seal.

  • Heavy duty, roto-molded design offers superior strength.

  • For use with 4" schedule 40 PVC fittings and pipe, use 4" male adapter (MA40) to connect to 4" pipe, use reducing male adapter (RMA4030) to connect to 3" pipe.

  • EBD4A incorporates an air diffuser into the dome lid - incoming air is delivered up through the center stand pipe allowing air tubing to be installed under liner.

  • EBD4A tubing adapter is 1/2", recommended air flow through diffuser is .5 - 1.5 cfm.

  • Click here for replacement air diffuser for BDA / EBD4A (Part #: MD3)


Part # Description Ship Wt Price
BD1 3" Bottom Drain 4 lbs $80.39
BDA 3" Bottom Drain with Air Diffuser 5 lbs $127.19
EBD4 4" Heavy Duty Bottom Drain 10 lbs $141.09
EBD4A 4" Bottom Drain with Air Diffuser 12 lbs $182.59
RMA4030 4" Threaded x 3" Slip PVC Adapter 1 lb $11.69






Many pond builders have found that adding a bottom drain helps keep a pond cleaner.  Fish waste and other muck that accumulates on a pond bottom can be easily removed by a bottom drain.  Ponds that are over 2' deep can become stratified without a bottom drain. 

  • The bottom drain is installed under the liner.  Flex PVC pipe carries the water under the liner to the skimmer box.  A bulkhead fitting is installed in the skimmer.  A PVC male adapter connects the flex PVC to the bulkhead fitting.  A valve is placed inside the skimmer box to control flow.  When the pump is turned on, water will flow into the skimmer through the skimmer faceplate (surface water) as well as the bottom drain. 

  • You can control how much water goes in thru the top/bottom inlets with the valve on the bottom drain.

  • Kits include an bottom drain (above), bulkhead fitting, valve and fittings.  Does not include PVC pipe. 

  • 2" kit recommended for PS1 skimmers, 3" for PS2 skimmers.

  • BDK2 kits include BD1 bottom drain and are intended for use with 2" pipe.

  • BDK3 kits include EBD4N bottom drain and are intended for use with 3" pipe.

Photo shows drain base and pipe installed onto skimmer box - ready for liner to be installed.

Part # Bottom Drain Included Air Diffuser Ship Weight Price
BDK2N BD1 no 10 lbs $149.99
BDK2A BDA yes 11 lbs $169.99
BDK3N EBD4 no 14 lbs $212.49
BDK3A EBD4A yes 15 lbs $251.59



Don't be fooled by cheap "shower drain" imitations which plug up quickly! 

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