These boulder covers are ideal for concealing equipment!

  • Color and texture are part of the material, not painted on
  • Lightweight, easy to move and very durable
  • Will not fade or crack
  • Made of recycled material
  • DMBR includes one 3" vent, DLB1 includes one 3" vent, DLB2 includes one 4" vent - additional vents can be ordered if needed

Two Sizes:
DLB1 - Measures 30" long x 23" wide x 18" high, includes one 3" louver
DLB2* - Measures 56" long x 42" wide x 30" high, includes one 4" louver

Part # Color Recommended For Size (L x W x H) Ship Wt Price
DMBR Brown Linear Compressors, MC6-ML80 19" x 14" x 12" 4 lbs $75.59
DLB1F Gray Compressors up to PA66, Small Pond Filters 30" x 23" x 18" 6 lbs $116.79
DLB1R Brown Compressors up to PA66, Small Pond Filters 30" x 23" x 18" 6 lbs $116.79
DLB2F* Gray PA75+ or Multiple Compressors 56" x 42" x 30" 28 lbs $314.79
DLB2R* Brown PA75+ or Multiple Compressors 56" x 42" x 30" 28 lbs $314.79
DLB3S -- Additional 3" Louvered Vent Installed -- 1 lb $13.89
DLB4S -- Additional 4" Louvered Vent Installed -- 1 lb $23.29



Ships via motor freight  due to size




This roto-molded polyethylene cabinet is an ideal alternative to the steel cabinet below.  Designed to hold air compressors up to the RV33 (1/4 HP rotary vane) in size.  The small foot print makes it easy to hide in the landscape!

  • Ideal for housing all linear compressors:  DC22 (PA10), DC12 (PA12), RP741 (PA33), RPC71 (PA60), and RV33 (PA50)

  • Built in louver allows fresh air into the cabinet; an optional cooling fan is recommended for large compressors (RV33) or in hot locations; fan comes installed in the second vent hole with louver

  • Roto-molded in a tan color which blends well into existing landscape

  • Measures 15"L x 25"W x 15"H

Part # Description Ship Weight Price
SC25 Poly Cabinet 22 lbs $179.99
SC25F1 Cabinet with 115v fan installed 24 lbs $224.99
SC25F2 Cabinet with 230v fan installed 24 lbs $233.99





  • Will hold all linear compressors and the DC12, DC22, ERP25, ERP50 compressors

  • 18 gauge galvanized steel with powder coat finish

  • Top and front wall open for easy access and service

  • Three 1" knock outs for airlines plus one for power source

  • All cabinets come complete with mounting bracket and cooling fan (add "2" behind part number for 230v fan)

  • Measures 11" x 18" x 11"

  • Available with a raised base for use on the ground when pole mounting is not an option, part number SC18G

Part # Description Ship Weight Price
SC18 Post Mounted Cabinet 19 lbs $288.79
SC18G Cabinet with raised base 22 lbs $297.49





  • Will hold compressors up to RV100 or multiple smaller units

  • 14 gauge galvanized steel with powder coat paint finish

  • Includes a compressor mounting base to keep compressor up off floor

  • Has six 1" knockouts for airlines and one knockout for incoming power

  • Stainless steel lock protects against vandalism

  • 16"L x 22"W x 19"H

  • Optional fans recommended when operating in hot climates and for 3/4 HP and larger compressors in all climates

Deluxe Cabinet: Includes standard cabinet above with cooling fan and electrical box installed. Electrical box has " conduit plumbed through floor for easy wiring.


Sound Proofing Package: High quality acoustical foam reduces motor sound considerably.  Price includes factory installation.


Part # Description Ship Wt Price
SC22 Standard locking cabinet 50 lbs $349.69
SC22D1 Deluxe Locking Cabinet with electric & 115v fan installed 53 lbs $454.99
SC22D2 Deluxe Locking Cabinet with electric & 230v fan installed 53 lbs $463.79
SC22SU Sound proofing for SC22 cabinet installed (order SC22 separately) -- $87.49





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