Everything you need to build a simple yet beautiful waterfall using the block wall of your choice!

Also available with white or blue LED strips!

Kits Include:

  • Half basin

  • 23" or 35" stainless spillway

  • EasyPro mag drive pump with three year warranty

  • PVC flex pipe, fittings and auto fill valve

  • HB11 Kits include RBH21 basin

  • HB23 & HB35 kits include FWB48 basin

  • HB11 Instruction Manual


Part # Description Pump
Ship Wt Price
HB11K 11.5" Vianti Falls Kit - No Lights EP850 28 lbs $491.19
HB11KB 11.5" Vianti Falls Kit - Blue Lights EP850 30 lbs $563.29
HB11KW 11.5" Vianti Falls Kit - White Lights EP850 30 lbs $563.29
HB23K Basin Kit without Lights EP1350 54 lbs $717.79
HB23KB Basin Kit with Blue Lights EP1350 55 lbs $841.59
HB23KW Basin Kit with White Lights EP1350 55 lbs $841.59
HB35K Basin Kit without Lights EP2200 62 lbs $842.79
HB35KB Basin Kit with Blue Lights EP2200 63 lbs $1,014.09
HB35KW Basin Kit with White Lights EP2200 63 lbs $1,014.09
Add "EX" to the end of any kit above for a system with a 6" extended spillway (*Add to cost of above kits) *$30.00
HBF16 16" Fire Burner w/ Plumbing Kit -- 6 lbs $332.99
HBF16AK Propane adaptor kit w/ 12' hose, regulator & propane converter 5 lbs $166.49
PRO40 Propane converter only, for hard pipe installation 3 lbs $52.19











The entire project shown below can be installed in one day by a crew of three guys!

EasyPro is pleased to introduce a formal waterfall kit. This kit, when used along with the wall block of your choice, will be an instant attraction in any setting! Building this kit is much like building a pondless waterfall system. A reservoir to catch the water is built using Res-Cubes and an EasyPro Mini Pond Vault. The water is then pumped up the backside of the wall into a Universal Waterfall Diffuser which is outfitted with a copper spillway lip. The diffuser is load bearing so it can easily be installed in a block wall without the need for additional support (like other brands require). This diffuser is virtually clog-free for easy maintenance! (Formal Kit Information Sheet)

Both kits include:

  • Add the LED23C light strip for a dazzling night time display!
    45 mil rubber liner and underlayment fabric

  • Mag drive pump - 2200 gph with three year warranty

  • 23" waterfall diffuser (UWD23)

  • Copper lip (UWD23C)

  • Flex pipe and fittings

 Pondless style also includes:

  • Pump vault (JAFM)

  • Eight Res-Cubes (JAFRC)




Part # Description Ship Wt. List Price
FWK23 Formal Waterfall Kit, without Pond 45, 28, 89,21 lbs. $1,263.69
FWK23P Formal Waterfall Kit, with Pond 75 lbs $712.99



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