Pick Up At Stoney Creek:
Please call ahead 24-48 hours in advance to check on fish availability and sizes.  Please arrive at least 30 minutes before closing to pick up your fish.  Please bring five gallon pails to set bags in and transport your fish home.  Fish bagging fee is $1.50 per bag.  One pail holds approximately 25-50 fish depending on species, size, temperature, and transport time. 

Delivery By Our Truck To Your Pond/Lake:
(Large orders only - $500 minimum after discount is applied)  Delivery is based on distance from Stoney Creek.  Four to six orders are required for a full truck to deliver into your general area.  Delivery fees range from $85 - $200+ within 150 miles of Stoney Creek Fisheries.  Delivery distances greater than 150 miles will require a quote. 

Meet The Truck:
(Requires $250 minimum order)  Meet a fish delivery truck at a major intersection in your area, where the fish are then bagged into your five gallon pails.  Also requires a full truck, minimum "meet the truck" delivery fee of $50.

Fish Days:
Pick up your fish at one of our Spring or Fall Fish Days locations.  See Fish Day Information for more details on times and schedules.


PLEASE NOTE: Michigan Department of Natural Resources requires permits for stocking any species of fish in public waters; private ponds do not need a permit.  Call your local DNR office or go to www.michigan.gov/dnr.


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