Keeping beautiful, healthy koi is easier when they have a well balanced diet.  Koi are unique, they are the only fish that do not have a stomach.  The food they eat goes directly into their digestive tract.  Therefore, it is important to feed them food that is easy to digest.

Water temperature has a direct bearing on fish metabolism.  The warmer the water, the faster the metabolism and need for food.

Poor quality food will result in  poor water quality.  If the fish cannot digest the food it will pass it on as waste resulting in dirtier pond water.

A high quality food is one that is easily digested and then turned into growth and energy.  This results in less waste, better water quality and happier fish.

As mentioned above, temperature is directly related to feeding.  Here is a breakdown based on temperature:

Above 65 - Koi have a high metabolism in warm water.  High levels of protein are needed for growth and energy.  Feed fish two to three times a day.
45 to 65 - As water temperatures cool down, koi need less protein and more carbohydrates in their diet.  A wheat germ based food is easier to digest in cooler temperatures and also contains more fats, which the koi need.
Below 45 - Once the water temperatures drop into the low 40s and below, it is not recommended to feed your koi.  Their metabolism drops to a point where they cannot digest feed.  Resume feeding in the Spring when temperatures rebound.



EasyPro has combined the latest in ingredients and technology to give you a superior fish diet.  Developed through decades of research, these diets are fed by leading breeders and producers with consistently great results!  All the new EasyPro foods share these major benefits:

  Contains stabilized vitamin C and brewers yeast to promote fish development
  Formulated for easy digestibility minimizing waste from fish
  Contains all natural nutritional supplement designed to improve disease resistance
  Nitrogen preserved to increase freshness and shelf life - up to two years!

A high performance diet designed for growing fish
  Fortified with spirulina and other marine ingredients for maximum color
  Does not cloud water
  3.0 mm (⅛") floating pellet, ideal for young fish
  42% Protein, 6% Fat, 3% Fiber, 11% Moisture

Part # Description Case Qty. Ship Wt. List Price
PG1 20 oz. Canister 12  2 lbs. $13.89
PG5 5 lb. Zipper Bag 6  6 lbs. $32.89
PG33 33 lb. Bulk Bag 2  35 lbs. $130.99


  A high quality feed designed to enhance the vibrant colors in your fish
  Fortified with spirulina and other marine ingredients to enhance the natural coloration of koi and goldfish
  5.0 mm (3/16") floating pellet, ideal for larger fish
  30% Protein, 5% Fat, 3.5% Fiber, 12% Moisture

Part # Description Case Qty. Ship Wt. List Price
PC1 20 oz. Canister 12  2 lbs. $13.59
PC5 5 lb. Zipper Bag 6  6 lbs. $28.99
PC33 33 lb. Bulk Bag 2  35 lbs. $120.39





(Wheat Germ)

  Wheat based diet ideal for feeding during colder periods of the year
  Low protein, low fat diet that is easily digested by fish during colder water temperatures
  5.0 mm (3/16") floating pellet with two year shelf life
  28% Protein, 4% Fat, 5% Fiber, 11% Moisture

Part # Description Case Qty. Ship Wt. List Price
CWF1 20 oz. Canister 12  2 lbs. $10.89
CWF5 5 lb. Zipper Bag 6  6 lbs. $25.99







Summer Staple Food

This Summer staple food has animal proteins and color enhancers that fish need during the warm Summer months.

  • Contains spirulina and krill for color enhancement

  • Guaranteed 36% protein and 6% fat content

  • Medium pellet size for fish 6" and larger

Part # Size Ship Weight Price
MLSF1 13 oz 2 lbs $10.39
MLSF2 2.3 lbs 3 lbs $22.49
MLSF6 6 lbs 7 lbs $40.39
MLSF17 17 lbs 18 lbs $80.89



High Growth + Energy Feed
If you want your koi to achieve maximum growth - this is your feed! In water over 68F koi really start to grow. Microbe-Lift's high growth food has 40% protein which achieves maximum growth and gives koi high energy levels.

  • Color enhancers included for maximum color

  • Feed when water is over 68F

  • To be fed as a primary diet all Summer long for fastest growth and high energy levels


Immune Stimulant Food
Great food for keeping koi at their healthiest! This food has twice the levels of vitamins and also contains calcium clay which adds additional minerals which provides immunity against viruses commonly found in pond environments.

  • 36% protein, 6% fat

  • Feed when water is over 68F

  • To be fed as a supplemental food (four days per week) not as a primary food

Part # Size Price Each
MLHG1 14 oz $11.69
MLHG2 2.75 lbs $22.49
MLHG6 6.7 lbs $39.59
Part # Size Price Each
MLIF12 12 oz $11.09
MLIF22 2.13 lbs $20.09
MLIF55 5.5 lbs $42.09
Cold Weather Food
(Wheat Germ)
Ideal for feeding when water temperatures are below 55, contains less protein but more fat which koi require in cold weather.
  •  32% protein, 7% fat

  •  Will not cloud pond water

  •  Contains stabilized vitamin C


Fruits & Greens Food
This is fish candy!
Koi absolutely swarm all over this food.  Not to be used as primary diet but rather as treat.  Made from apples, kiwi, apricots, peaches, pears, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini, spinach and more!

  •  36% protein, 6% fat

  •  Will not cloud pond water

  •  Contains stabilized vitamin C

Part # Size Price Each
MLWG1 1 lb $9.89
MLWG3 3 lbs $22.49
Part # Size Price Each
MLFG1 13 oz $11.99
MLFG2 2.13 lbs $25.69
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