10 Watt Transformer

Three outlet strip is ideal for use with LED lights.

Use LEDEX extension cable for multiple lights.

20 Watt Transformer

Six outlet strip makes connecting multiple lights easy!

Great for use with low wattage LED lights.
45 Watt Transformer w/ Photo Eye

Photo eye for automatic on at dusk with four, six or eight hour settings.

Includes screw type connectors and three way splitter. 
100 / 150 Watt Transformers w/ Photo Eye (EPT100)

Has a photo eye that turns on at dusk and runs four, six or eight hours.

Epoxy filled and weatherproof for long life.

Capable of 100% loads.  

300w Multi-Tap Transformer

Photo eye built in

Push button settings keep lights on for one to nine hours or dusk till dawn

Multiple voltage connections on back

Ideal for long line runs: 12v, 13v, 14, or 15v connections

300 Watt Transformers

Features a photo eye for automatic on/off.

Easy push button settings keep lights on from one to nine hours after turning on - or can be set to run dusk till dawn.
Part # Watts Power
W x D x H
Photo Eye
Ship Wt Price
MT10 10w -- 1⅞" x  1⅝" x 3" no 3 years 1 lb $21.89
MT20 20w 2' 2" x 2" x 2" no 3 years 2 lbs $41.79
EPT45 45w 6' 3" x 5" x 2" yes 3 years 6 lbs $56.69
EPT100 100w 17" 4" x 6" x 3" yes 3 years 8 lbs $89.99
EPT150 150w 17" 4" x 6" x 3" yes 3 years 9 lbs $109.79
EPT1502 150w 17" 4" x 6" x 3" yes 3 years 9 lbs $107.99
EPT300T 300w 17" 5" x 10" x 5" yes 3 years 18 lbs $161.99



Automatically turns on at dusk and can be programmed to stay on for one to nine hours after dark or from dusk to dawn.

Dual 115v plugs allow multiple items to be controlled with single timer.

Weatherproof design for use outdoors.

1000 watt maximum load.

Part # Description Ship Wt. List Price
EPT19 Outdoor timer with photo eye 3 lbs. $26.99



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