PLASTIC NETTING - This high-quality netting has many uses. Cages, trays, covers, screens, pens, traps, tank dividers, filters, and more can be made with this mesh netting. Because it won't rust or rot, it is the perfect choice for water use. Use with cage fittings (below) to make floating pens and cages. The black polyethylene mesh is UV resistant for long life.  Netting sold in roll width shown, per linear foot.

Raising fish in cages allows you to raise small fish in same water as large fish, raise fish in a controlled environment and allows for easy harvesting of fish.

Part # Size Description Ship Wt. 50' Roll
PN125 1/8" mesh x 48" x 50' 8 lbs. $105.99
PN250 1/4" mesh x 49" x 50' 20 lbs. $164.29
PN500 1/2" mesh x 49" x 50' 21 lbs. $208.99
PN750 3/4" mesh x 49" x 50' 20 lbs. $183.29



PVC CAGE FITTINGS - These high quality rigid PVC fittings are made with titanium dioxide and UV stabilizers. Use these hard to find fittings along with other standard PVC fittings to build cages and pens. Standard schedule 40 PVC pipe works on all fittings.

  3 Way Corner 4 Way L 5 Way Cross
Size Part # Price Part # Price Part # Price
1" CF 1 $3.29 CF 4 $3.49 CF 7 $4.19
1-1/4" CF 2 $3.59 CF 5 $4.09 CF 8 $4.79
1-1/2" CF 3 $3.99 CF 6 $4.29  
To make a cage: Use eight 3-way corner fittings and schedule 40 PVC pipe to make a frame, then use plastic electrical ties to attach the plastic netting (shown above) to the sides and bottom. 

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