Deluxe pond cover tents provide complete pond protection...

These covers cost a little more but their superior design and construction make them the best value.  Whether protection fish from predators, keeping leaves and debris out of the water or securing your garden - these pond covers will provide years of use.

  • Simple two person assembly can be completed in just a few minutes

  • Dark mesh allows easy viewing of pond even with cover in place

  • Available in 8' x 10' and 10' x 14' sizes - larger than other covers

  • Extra sturdy fiberglass poles are larger diameter for increased strength

  • Strong ⅜" nylon mesh will last for years and is finer than most other brands to keep out more debris

  • Full 12" wide band around the bottom with tie down loops for extra strength and durability

  • Mesh netting is securely held to frame by full length sleeves rather than cheap plastic clips

Part # Description Ship Wt Price
PCT810 Pond Cover Tent, 8' x 10' with 12 anchors 6 lbs $114.79
PCT1014 Pond Cover Tent, 10' x 14' with 12 anchors 8 lbs $148.79






Currently most other manufacturers offer a small variety of prepackaged netting (often in odd sizes!) that do not fit the needs of many pond or stream applications.  EasyPro Premium Pond Cover Netting is available in 10', 20' and 30' wide rolls each 100' long.  You simply pull out the length needed, cut it, and BINGO!  You have a cover net exactly the length you need!  EasyPro netting allows you to increase your choice of sizes!

  • Need a 6' x 30' net for a stream?  No problem with EasyPro!

  • Need a 30' x 39' net for a large pond?  No problem with EasyPro!

  • A variety of prepackaged sizes are also available

  • Custom cut pieces are available allowing your to buy just what you need!  Please specify length when ordering, width must be 10', 20' or 30' wide.

Pond cover netting in bulk!  Available in 10', 20' and 30' widths - cut to length for a perfect fit!  Bulk rolls come packaged in a box for easy display, simply pull out your desired length and cut!

Part # Description Ship Wt Price Polyethylene strands woven together in a " mesh make this netting very strong!

Also available in 10' and 20' widths x 100' lengths in a 3/8" mesh for pine needles, maple seeds, etc!
NP1515 Premium - " Netting, 15' x 15', w/8 Stakes 2 lbs $16.99
NP2020 Premium - " Netting, 20' x 20', w/8 Stakes 5 lbs $33.99
NP2030 Premium - " Netting, 20' x 30', w/10 Stakes 7 lbs $46.79
NP3030 Premium - " Netting, 30' x 30', w/12 Stakes 8 lbs $59.49
NR101 Premium - " Netting, Boxed, 10' x 100' 11 lbs $76.49
NR201 Premium - " Netting, Boxed, 20' x 100' 21 lbs $161.49
NR301 Premium - " Netting, Boxed, 30' x 100' 32 lbs $229.49
NR101F Premium - Fine Mesh ⅜", 10' x 100'    22 lbs $161.49
NR201F Premium - Fine Mesh ⅜", 20' x 100' 42 lbs $305.99
CNR34 Premium - " Cut to Length, 10', 20' or 30' widths -- $0.18 / sq. ft.
CNR38 Premium - ⅜" Cut to Length, 10' or 20' widths -- $0.21 / sq. ft.
NRS12 12 Pack Stakes for Netting 1 lb. $10.99











Need a large pond cover?  No Problem!  We can have any width and length pond cover made for you using a heavy duty nylon mesh that is far superior in strength to any of the plastic covers above. 

Nylon mesh has 1" square openings.  A thick rope border around the net prevents tearing of the mesh even when loaded with leaves! 

Please allow 7-10 days for delivery due to the custom nature of the product.

Part # Description Price
NPC Custom Sized - 1" mesh net, white* $0.35 / sq. ft.
NPCT Custom Sized - 1" mesh net, black* $0.38 / sq. ft.




* Minimum order 100 square feet, orders under 500 square feet have a $5.00 handling fee

Available in white, natural, or black UV stabilized mesh!  This nylon netting will last for years!

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