Matala offers three different sizes of pond vacuums to aid in pond cleaning and maintenance. 

The MPVC is a contractor grade pond maintenance model that features a dual pump system where water is continuously sucked through the system and pumped back out of the tank allowing for much faster, consistent cleaning action.

  • Easy operation with heavy duty wheels and handle

  • Internal pre-filter bag

  • 1500 gallon per hour vacuum / exhaust capacity

  • Suction lift 5' above water

  • Includes vacuum, extension tubes, nozzles, 32' discharge hose, 26' suction hose, sludge collection bag, power cord and assembly hardware

The MPV2 and MPVPRO are designed for smaller pond use and are designed to suck until the tank is full then automatically shut off, allowing the tank to drain before starting up again.

  • Includes vacuum, five extension tubes, four nozzles, 8' discharge hose, 16' suction hose, sludge collection bag, 16' power cord and assembly hardware


Part # Description Watts Capacity Drain Cycle Ship Wt Price
MPV2 Pond Vacuum II 1400 5.3 gallons 25-30 seconds 27 lbs $199.99
MPVPRO Pond Vac Pro 1400 9.5 gallons 40-45 seconds 34 lbs $359.99
MPVC Power-Cyclone Pond Vacuum 2000 13.2 gallons Continuous 71 lbs $649.19
GSH8 Gravel head attachment for all models above   4 lbs $59.99









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