Cylinder Trap

"B" Trap

Turtle Trap

Box Trap

Clover Trap

Each of these traps are hand built assuring the finest quality! Constructed from woven, galvanized mesh, zinc coated screws and steel/aluminum rivets. Mesh size is ╝". A waterproof sealer is added to prevent jagged edges, rust or corrosion. Each trap features an easy slide door, conveniently located for fast unloading.

  • Cylinder trap features a cone shaped funnel on each end.

  • The "B" trap has a long, rectangular slot in the side for fish/minnow entrance.

  • Our box trap has two funnels.áThis trap has proven itself to be one of the best traps we offer for catching minnows and small fish.

  • The clever turtle trap catches turtles by luring them onto the trap with bait. The turtles are caught unharmed in the cage below.  10" opening. Unique design prevents escape.

  •  This clover trap is very effective because there are minnow entrance slots on all three sides. 

To avoid damage all traps are shipped direct from the manufacturer to you via US Postal Service.

Part # Description Size Ship Wt (lbs) Price
MTR11 11" Cylinder Trap 11" diameter x 24" long 6 $84.99
MTR15 15" Cylinder Trap 15" diameter x 30" long 7 $100.99
MTB18 18"  "B" Trap 18" H x 15" W x 30" long 7 $102.49
MTB24 24"  "B" Trap 24" H x 15" W x 30" long 9 $109.79





Part # Description Ship Weight Price
TT30 Turtle Trap, 30" x 30" x 12" deep 14 lbs $138.79
MTS24 Box Trap, 24" x 24" x 18" high 11 lbs $130.29
CT28 Clover Trap, 28" x 28" x 15" high 10 lbs $174.19




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