The industrial parachute skimmer cleans a 5' wide swath of your pond or lake surface with every pass.

- Ideal for removing leaves, duckweed, watermeal, weed fragments, etc.
- 5' wide x 2.5' deep PVC coated debris net - comes complete with closed cell foam float and 24' nylon rope
- Can be thrown from shore or used from a boat

Part # Description Ship weight Price
LPS60 60" Surface Skimmer 8 lbs $142.49




There's no need to worry which side lands up when you throw this rake out into the pond since there are teeth on both sides! The 32" wide rake features 17 - 3" long teeth on each side of the rake, a baked on powder coat finish, and 25' of rope.

Part # Description Ship weight Price
EPR 32" Rake 6 lbs $99.99





The Lake Rake can be thrown and retrieved     using the attached rope or can be used with its  two piece 11' handle.

This 36" wide aluminum rake comes with a two piece, 11' long, rustproof, powder coated aluminum handle; detachable polyethylene float and 20' length of rope.  Use it to skim floating aquatic vegetation and algae from the pond surface or remove float to use on pond bottom. 
  • Strong and lightweight aluminum construction

  • Two 5' heavy duty, well constructed aluminum powder coated handles with permanent 5" vinyl grip

  • 36" aluminum head with 4" teeth

  • 30" removable styrene float for shoreline cleanup

  • 20' of 5/16" nylon rope

Part # Description Ship Weight Price
LR36 36" Deluxe Lake Rake 10 lbs $119.79




The 28" wide cutter makes short work of cleaning up weed infested beaches and shoreline. The reversible, double-sided, serrated blade quickly cuts through even the thickest weeds. The 11' long, two-piece handle disassembles for easy storage. Rust proof aluminum construction.

Part # Description Ship Weight Price
AWE 28" Aquatic Weed Cutter 7 lbs $123.89



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